Increase Linkedin Followers

How to Increase LinkedIn Follower ?

Best tips to Increase Linkedin Followers 2019: If you are managing a Linkedin page then I am going to giving best tips to increase Linkedin followers organically. So read this article till the end and implement the method which I am guiding.  As we all know that LinkedIn Company page helps you improve your business. LinkedIn may not seem as sexy as Twitter or Facebook, but with over 259,000,000 users and 2,100,000 groups, it’s a social channel that you can’t ignore. Below are the points which you can follow to increase your LinkedIn Followers.

Increase Linkedin Followers

 Tip #1 Create and maintain Showcase Pages

A Showcase Page is an affiliated extension of your company’s LinkedIn Page, designed to highlight a specific sub-brand, business unit, or initiative. Creating them, when warranted, develops multiple points of discovery and entry for your main Page.

Tip #2 Add LinkedIn “Follow” Button to your website

Adding a LinkedIn “Follow” button on your website and blog will make it easy for people to follow you on LinkedIn. Preferably add this follows button at the footer of your website which will repeat all the pages of your website. Not recommended to add at the top of the page script as it will affect loading speed.

Tip #3 Post useful and quality content

Add posts which are useful and quality content to your company page before you ask people to follow so that they find it enticing enough to follow it. Then regularly keep sharing interesting and useful information, updates, and links on your page to keep them interested.

Tip #4 Join topical conversations with hashtags

Use three to five relevant hashtags in your posts to reach new, relevant communities with your content. Also, when you associate your LinkedIn Page with relevant hashtags in your Communities Hashtags panel, you can enter a feed and react/comment on conversations from the perspective of your organization, further exposing your brand name to new, relevant audiences.

Tip #5 Encourage executives and prominent leaders to @mention your Page

The most prominent figures in your business serve as critical voices, and they often have large professional networks. When they frequently talk about and link to the company’s LinkedIn Page, it helps drive traffic and followers.

Tip #6 Add more attractive cover image or logo to your LinkedIn company page

This will always help you capture the attention of visitors.

Tip #7 Always try to include images in your page posts

Adding good Images will attract more attention leading to increase your LinkedIn Followers and visibility.

Tip #8 Promote your company page outside

Add a link to your page in company communications like mails, emails, newsletters etc. Invite other people such as your customers and key audiences to follow your page.

Tip #9 Engage your employees to join LinkedIn and ask them to add your company as their workplace.

Encourage your company employees to create and complete LinkedIn profiles – once they include your company name, they automatically become followers of your Company Page. Encourage them to create and complete LinkedIn profiles – once they include your company name, they automatically become followers of your Company Page. This will help to drive more traffic to your page.

Tip #10 Promote on other social media pages

You could ask your Twitter followers or Facebook fans follow your LinkedIn page. Give them the link and add an attractive call-to-action. This can increase your LinkedIn Followers

Tip #11 Take part in LinkedIn groups

Joining in LinkedIn groups is an effective way to highlight your Company Page and attract more followers. You can launch your own discussions, or you can contribute to popular discussions that other members have created. Join groups that are relevant to your business and actively participate in discussions by sharing your insights and thoughts so that people get to know you and will be tempted to check out your profile and page.

Tip #12 Analyze your LinkedIn analytics and optimize your content for maximum traffic

Check your LinkedIn analytics to know which kind of posts attract more audience and optimize your content accordingly to get more engagement and maximal Traffic.

Tip #13 Share YouTube videos in your posts

Add links to YouTube videos in your posts. According to LinkedIn, followers who engaged with such posts take “twice as many amplification actions (likes, shares, and comments)” as they do with posts without videos.

Tip #14 Use your full company name as your LinkedIn page name

This will help people find your page when they search for it using Google Search or on-site search.

Tip #15 Shares your company news on your LinkedIn page

According to LinkedIn, a huge percentage of LinkedIn members are interested in company news.

Tip #16 Add a post on your page at least 20 times in a month

LinkedIn study found that posting quality content regularly will keep your followers interested and will bring in new followers.

Tip #17 Ask your employees to engage with your company to page content

Such activities on your page will gather the interest of people who visit your page.

Tip #18 Always fill out your complete company profile

LinkedIn gives more preference to companies with complete profiles in their on-site search.

Tip #19 Try to post your updates during the busiest hours

LinkedIn’s busiest hours are in the morning and midday from Monday to Friday. This will ensure your post to get maximum reach.

Tip #20 Add links in your page posts

Include links in your LinkedIn page posts wherever possible because posts with links generate more traffic compared to posts without links.

Tip #21 Optimize your LinkedIn page for search engines

Include relevant keywords in your description and in your posts (especially longer, content-heavy posts that tend to do well in the search).

Tip #22 Add multiple admins to your company page

Assigning multiple admins, they can split the content creation and other work for various products and/or lines of business. Encourage them to post engaging content on the page regularly and share it with their connections.

Tip #23 Focus on reading topics for content

Adding posts on trending topics will attract more clicks. You can look up popular topics on social networks such as Facebook, Reddit etc.

Tip #24 Post content what Linked members are interested in

Try to know what members are interested in and they engage. So, you can get more amplification to your posts

Tip #25 Post regularly

Try to add post regularly on LinkedIn Pulse to get more visibility.

Tip #26 Specify what your business is about

Your business page should reflect your image, since it is the first thing people will see after they follow you. First impressions matter! To appear credible and trustworthy, provide credible information about your business.

Tip #27 Share job postings on your Page

LinkedIn is, of course, a very popular destination for job-hunting. Leveraging your Page for talent acquisition as well as marketing can open it up to new audiences.

Tip #28 Analyze your competitors’ Pages

Competitor analysis is important in all aspects of digital marketing, and this is no different. You should review what others are doing on LinkedIn, not so you can replicate these practices, but the opposite: so you can identify the white space and provide something members won’t find elsewhere.

Tip #29 Run a simple PPC campaign

Most often, the major purpose of ‘pay per click’ is to promote your website on a social channel, or to collect emails from users. To more followers run PPC campaign for page there users click on your ad, visit your website and follow you on your business page, further boosting followers as well. The higher the bid you wish to pay, the greater the chance that your ad is going to be more attractive and garner more users.

Tip #30 Encourage Clients and Prospects to Follow

Injecting your LinkedIn URL at appropriate touch-points throughout the customer relationship is crucial. For example, if you are following up with a customer after a recent sale, be sure to tout the value of your LinkedIn page for hearing more about future products and services.


LinkedIn is a very popular social channel for business professionals worldwide. B2B marketers can use LinkedIn to increase their brand visibility, nurture relationships and generate more leads. The basic steps to using LinkedIn efficiently are:

Creating a professional, appealing business page to increase your credibility.

Using social media links in your email signature and on your website to get more followers.

Positioning a LinkedIn share button on your website or blog.

Publishing high quality content on a regular basis to increase the likelihood your audience will recommend your page to others.

Running PPC campaigns to increase your web visitors, driving more followers to your LinkedIn page.

Following other companies which have the same target audience in order to gain their audience as new followers.

Encouraging your employees to share your updates so their networks will notice you.

The above top 30 tips from Zengvotech will give you exact information about How to Increase LinkedIn Followers organically.

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