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Homestay in Jodhpur: A homestay is a shared accommodation facility, which is provided by the property owner to a traveler on rental basis. It is a western concept which is adopted into Indian Subcontinent. It is a new emerging concept in India, in which many companies like – stayvillajuncton, Airbnb,, Oyo are working very successfully at their sole level. All kind of property is available for traveler like apartments, homestay, hotels, hostel, resorts, farm-houses, co-living, co-working, Holiday home & guest-houses as per need.

Homestay is a popular form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors share a residence with a local of the city to which they are traveling.

List of Top Homestay in Jodhpur provided by stayvillajunction

Why tourists choose a homestay instead of a hotel?    

There are many reasons to stay in a homestay in Jodhpur during your tour like-

  • Homestays are much cheaper, personalized and customized than a hotel.
  • In a homestay, you would find ounhouhthe less crowded environment but more care & attention. It is not possible during staying in a hotel.
  • At a homestay, you can also enjoy the taste of local food made in home easily.
  • By staying in someone else’s home, you come close to the culture of that community, village or city.
  • At hotels, you would feel a much more hierarchical and professional behaviour by the staff, but in a homestay the behaviour is very informal and friendly.
  • At a homestay, you can get some new friends forever who can help you for your next tour in the same place in future.
  • In a homestay, your property owner can also help you in telling the most visitable places of that particular area.
  • A homestay is much more airy, spacey and full of amenities and services rather than a hotel.
  • In a hotel, you can stay for a short period of time or some days, but you can also stay even for some months in a homestay.